Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Running has been on a little pause recently.  I don't know, but -23 with windchill is pretty cold, and my body is tortured enough when running, so I think I will just hold off until hopefully tomorrow.  On Thursdays,  I pack my stuff and run near my school's neighborhood because I go to a Weight Watchers meeting at 7 in the church (attached to my schools) meeting.

Tonight for a workout I did a Nike Training Club Marathon prep work out.  The workout is only 15 minutes and consists of mostly of lunges and ab stuff.  I'm already a little sore.  Afterwards I did about 15 minutes of stretching.  Even when I don't run I love to stretch- It feels awesome- but I don't do it too often.

Here's to hoping I can run 5 miles tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Polar Dash

I like to call it a bit of a Polar Disaster. Runners had the choice of running a half marathon, 10K, or 5K.  I chose the 5K because I didn't think I would be ready for any other distance with my new shoes.  The 5K was a fun run so no individual times were posted, but I kept my time on my Garmin.

Packet Picket: I went on Wednesday at 4:00 to Runner's Edge and it went pretty quickly.  The race swag included a penguin hat- that I will never wear, but might bring it to school for penguin week! And a nice fleece with the polar dash logo on the front chest and back.  

Race Day:  I didn't check any gear, but the gear check seemed a little long.  All of the races started on time which was fantastic.  The 10K and Half had similar courses, but the 5K was a different course.  As we were running we passed a two mile mark and and everyone was saying 5K went to far turn around, so we all turned around thinking that this would then be a 4 mile run which I was ok with and when we turned around we got to see my favorite view of the city!! Then as everyone is turning around, things got super crowded all runners were turning around and fast runners were sharing the same narrow path as the slower runners.  Many runners including me were running on a hill.  I saw one runner fall and that made me very nervous.  The path got a little longer and then we were ok, but then we crossed the finish line and my Garmin said 2.85 because it wasn't out and back, we went a different way back.

I was a little disappointed that the race wasn't 3 miles, so I ran to my friends house in the Near South Side for breakfast and had a total of a 3.5 run.  It was perfect.

Overall the race was crowded and poorly marked, but it got me back in the racing and running spirit.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh, city living.

Yesterday on my way to for my run, I carried out some garbage with my roommate.  (We had a lot).  As I was putting the bag inside the garbage can, I saw a dead rat inside our garbage can.  I had reached my target  rate before I even started running. It was terrible.  I hate rats. It is hands down the worst part about Chicago, yes way worse than parking!!

I went to Fleet Feet and bought a new pair of Newton running shoes so I have to let my body get used to midfoot striking, so I am slowly building up my miles. I paid $4 for my shoes thanks to gift cards from my students and aide! They are best.  Saturday, I am running the Polar Dash 5K, so I better get used to the new stride quickly.  

Anyways, I ran 2 miles in 21:05, which is the fastest I have run in awhile. After one mile of my run, Chicago decided to have a mini blizzard.  The wind was whipping, and snow started falling all over.  I thought my face was going to fall off because I was soooo very cold.  Good news, it didn't.  I think I ran faster so I could be done sooner.  

Training for the week 12/30

12/31- 3 miles
1/1- 1.5 miles (First day in new shoes!)
1/5- 2 miles

Total: 6.5  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolutions....

When I first moved to Chicago, I wanted to continue my daily running.  Living two blocks from the lake I knew Lakeshore Path would be perfect.  However, I was a little concerned about running with so many people and with the cyclists and skaters, so I looked up Lakeshore Path etiquette  so I wouldn't be the sore thumb on my first run in the city.

I sure wish others would have done so before going out for a jog.  On December 31, I went out for a 3 mile run and some of the other runners on the path must have started their New Year Resolutions early.  They also must not have been as courtesy to look up the proper etiquette.

I saw four people running on the left side of the path, one unleashed dog on the paved part of the path, and two people running on the center line of the path.  I was shocked and wanted to run more just to see if there were more people out not knowing the "rules".